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September 29, 2015:  The links above are updated.    Most grades are posted in Power School

Students MUST head their papers - in the upper right hand corner - with their name, date, class and hour.   If they don't, I won't look at it, let alone grade it.  It will be marked 'missing' in Power School.   This holds for work submitted on-line as well.  All Papers must also have a title.

7th Graders wrote a page about Pope Francis and shared what they learned in class. (These scores will be posted soon.)   Most did a good job their Home to School Map assignment.   Please have them show you the Room Map to Scale directions; they should start on this, as it's due Oct. 8.   Post-It notes are strongly recommended for marking the walls every meter.

World Atlases arrived, and were distributed to students today.   Students will be putting together their 2nd Student Performance Assessment and Work Packet together, to come home this weekend.  This will include:  1) Classroom Map to Scale;  2) Earth & Sun diagram;  3) Climagraph;   4) Vegetation Zones;   5) Lines on a Globe & Map Vocabulary.

All classes will be starting a unit on the constitution soon, concurrent with their textbook work.   I'm moving the 8th Grade unit up a bit so they are prepared for a visit to the U-M Law Quad on Friday, Nov. 6 - 11:15 am to 3:00 pm.  We'll be meeting with the student chapter of the American Constitutional Society.  Permission slip will come home 2 weeks before the trip.

Also for my 8th Graders, I'm setting up e-pals (penpals) with a class in Germany; more info to come.

The Clague Great American Fundraiser is starting this week; an information packet has gone home with students.  This funds grade level field trips, graduation parties and other items not in the school's budget.

Also stay tuned for information on Wed., Oct. 7th' Walk / Bike to School Day.  Drivers and buses can drop their child off at remote points so they can participate by walking the last 1/2 to 1 mile to Clague.
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