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AUGUST 22, 2014:  I'm looking forward to the new year and meeting all of my students on the first day of school, Tuesday, September 2.   I would love to hear from you before then; just send me an e-mail and introduce yourself.    Parents:  Feel free as well to check in with me via e-mail any time you have a question or concern.

This year - as I did 4 years ago - I will have two groups of 7th grade students for both English Language Arts (ELA) and Social Studies (WCG: World Culture and Geography).  Having students for two periods and two subjects will allow me to get to know students better and make connections between the subjects.  Mrs. Campbell, who has most of these students for Math and Science, and I have been looking forward to working together again, and will be collaborating to help each student be successful.

This will be the first time I will be teaching 8th grade Social Studies - United States History.   We will cover the time from before the American Revolution through the Civil War, with the more recent 150 years being taught in high school.    We will be looking at Current Events on a regular basis as well, as we explore the roots of American culture and government policy.  Many teachers have mentioned over the years that I would enjoy not only the curriculum (Social Studies was my major at the University of Michigan) but also the high level discussions and increased maturity of the students at this level.

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