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October 26, 2014:    Parent-Teacher Conferences kept me busy over the 6 hours over two days.  I hope you found them as helpful as I did.  Please do get in touch with me whenever you have a concern, or question ... or words of praise. 

This coming Friday is the last day of the 1st quarter.   All missing work up to now is due by Friday.  Work due this coming week may be turned in late by next Tuesday with a penalty.   Please do check Power School, which is up to date except for the work turned in Friday in my 4th quarter Social Studies class; I hope to get that done tonight, or possibly tomorrow.    I am hoping that we can celebrate our hard work, and growth with a celebration on Friday.   No food, with Halloween that evening, but we'll brainstorm ideas.

Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 4.   Both 7th and 8th grade Social Studies classes have a fairly complex 2014 Elections Assignment due on Nov. 3. It involves looking at the sample ballot, and Voters' Guides.   I am in the process of walking students through this, but it would be helpful to them, and to parents to work on this together.   This will be a challenging assignment for many students; as such, I will be fair in scoring these;

MON - UP OR DOWN    Dress fancy or dress grungy (sweats,no pajamas)
TUES - MIX IT UP        Crazy hair, miss matched clothes/shoes.
WED - TWINS             Two or more friends dress alike (nothing bought special)
THUR - B/W                      Wear only Black and White clothing
FRI - HALLOWEEN       Wear your costume; no masks, weapons

The Clague Canned Food Drive - cooperating with Food Gathers - starts next week.

Please see the Weekly Planner page, and the links below for a list of assignments for each class.

7th Grade ELA:  <-- Check on this link to see the five (5) assignments that are coming due this week.   Guided Reading Groups are underway.  Students MUST read the assigned pages to participate.  They are also responding to provided questions in their ELA Journal.   

7th Grade Social Studies: The Canada Poster is due Tuesday and we'll learn about the Canadian Parliamentary System this week.  See note above about the 2014 Elections Assignment.

8th Grade Social Studies:  I jumped the gun and gave students 3 assignments related to Civics - the U.S. Government last week.  Chapter 9, on the U.S. Constitution, will provide much of the framework for these.  We will spend 3 weeks on all this - including Ch. 10, on the Bill of Rights.   I will also do a Washington, D.C. preview for student going on the D.C. trip.

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