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June 1, 2014:  Such a glorious weekend, I've been putting off this announcement as long as possible (though I did get the rest of the links updated, and all assignments graded earlier).   A few important announcements though:

Textbooks - please return Math On Call books, stray math books, and social studies textbooks.   On Friday I will be making a list of missing or damaged books that will have to be paid for.  Also any checked out Clague library books need to be in, or missing books paid for - an advisory ice cream party is in the balance.

Power School - this is the week to check that missing work is being tended to, and there are no discrepancies in scores.

6th and 7th Grade Social Studies students have the 2nd semester common assessment on Wednesday, and are to be ready with a Capstone product and presentation on Friday, though presentation days will run through next week Tuesday.

A reminder that most all of my 6th grade students will be going on a Science Field Trip on Thursday.   As we did with my field trip, I will be joining in on this one, along with Mr. Hoeflinger.

All students have a permission form regarding the 5K fun run on Wednesday, June 11 that is to be signed by a parent.  Please ask your child, if you haven't seen it.

6th Grade Math:  We are going to cover essential skills in the book Covering and Surrounding this week - Ratio, Proportion and Percent.  We'll work from the book in class, but students will have one sheet of a 4 sheet homework packet to do each day as well.

6th Grade Social Studies:  We are finishing our study of five major world religions with the most 'recent' one: Islam.  

7th Grade Social Studies:  We'll have a too quick look at populations of China and Japan, Globalization, and Antarctica.

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