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October 19, 2014:    Power School is now up to date.  It might be a good idea for you to check scores with your child. 
With two weeks left in the 1st quarter there are a remarkable number of students with Missing Work, and hence low grades:
                                                                            # of Students with        # of St with
            Class                               # of Students        Missing Work            D's or E's   
2nd hour 7th grade ELA:                     31                            11                            7
3rd hour 7th grade Soc. St.:                 29                            12                            7
4th hour 7th grade Soc. St.:                 25                            12                            4
7th hour 7th grade ELA:                      19                              8                            5

6th hour 8th grade Soc. St.:                 33                             13                           3
October 17, 2014:    Parent-Teacher Conferences are being held again on Tuesday, Oct. 21, from 3:30 to 6:30 pm.   These will be rodeo style, where all the teachers are available, and you wait for each teacher to speak with, for about 5 minutes.   If more time is needed, we'll be able to set up a time at that point.   Thanks to those parents who came yesterday; I found them very helpful.

If your child is struggling - missing work, getting low scores on tests, doing too much homework, or too little, or did not turn in their signed Assignment Record Sheets, it is necessary for us to work together to right the ship.     As usual I will have grading up to date on Sunday, providing Power School doesn't pull its disappearing act this weekend.

Please see the Weekly Planner page, and the links below for a list of assignments for each class.

7th Grade ELAGuided Reading Groups (GRG) are underway.   The meetings are interesting as we dig under the surface to understand what the author is trying to tell us.  And worthwhile, as long as students have read the assigned pages carefully and thoughtfully.   Students will be graded on their level of readiness and participation. 

Students are expected to keep a list of P (personal) words in the back of their ELA Journal, and a sentence or definition to help remember its use or meaning.  They are also to write a good entry on their book of choice each week, as well as an entry about their GRG book.

We got a head start on the next Biweekly Word List by beginning work on the Six Traits of Writing.  The BWL III list was handed out today; a copy of it (including the P words) - in the student's best handwriting - is due on Monday. 

7th Grade Social Studies: Upcoming dates:   Wed Oct 22: 100+ Civics Questions due;  Fri Oct. 24:  Gov't Who's Who due and U.S. Gov't. Test;  Tue Oct. 28: Canada Poster due 

Please ask your child what he or she thinks so far about "Project Baby X."

8th Grade Social Studies:  Students have done a fantastic job with the mock Constitutional Convention tackling the issues of how states will be represented in Congress, how people who are enslaved will be counted for taxation and for representation, and how the President will be elected. By Monday students will have read and answered the guiding questions through Chapter 8.10.

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