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October 30, 2015:  Next week is the last of the 1st quarter.    I will NOT accept late work after Friday (except for absences...).   Please keep a close eye on Power School and notify Mr. Gaynor of any problems.  It would also be wise to carefully check the Weekly Planner and the Record Sheets at 7th Grade Social Studies or 8th Grade Social Studies.   There are quite a few assignments due next week.   Kermit's Assignment is due on Monday - for everyone - both 7th and 8th grade.

7th Grade Social Studies:  In Geography Alive, we'll finish Ch. 8, on Migration to the U.S.    We'll check the first page of the 100+ Civics Questions on Wednesday, the 2nd page on Thursday.   Students will be completing the SPA #4 (See Planner for a key to initials) and WP #4 which will include all of our Civics work, and turning these in on Friday, the same day as the Civics Test.  I will NOT be asking for signatures this time.  All work turned in to date has been scored and posted in Power School.

8th Grade Thanks to Manal's mom and Kristoffer's Dad for joining us on Friday on our field trip to the U-M Law Quad, where, among other activities, we'll be conducting a mock trial.  Everyone should meet in the lobby with appropriate clothing directly after 3rd hour.   They are providing lunch for us.   There are two homework assignments due this week.   I have many papers to correct and scores to post in Power School this weekend - likely to be done on Sunday.
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