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March 27, 2015:
  The last day for the 3rd quarter is this coming Thursday, April 2. All work must be in by then.   Spring Break starts on Good Friday, April 3.  We return Monday, April 13.

Mr. Ely - my sub on Wednesday - reported most every was phenomenal.   A few were not, and received VOE's and assigned Detention.  
Given it's a student's right to learn in a calm and productive environment, I have made my policy clear from this point on.   Students know the school and class rules. 
   First Violation - Student given an "Alert"
   2nd  Violation - Student given a "Warning"
   3rd   Violation - Student issued a "Violation Of Expectation" (VOE) form; parent informed by student via phone call.  Detention Assigned.
   4th   Violation - Student sent to office; not permitted to return to my classroom that day.   Note must be signed by a parent before student is allowed to return to class.
Everyone has clearly understood these rules and consequences and I have issued no VOE's since Wednesday.  I trust this will continue, but if not, consequences are clear.

ELA - 7: Capstone Project <-- the webpage has been updated.  All work due April 2, and will be graded at that time.  We'll continue to work on this in class next week, but by now students should have these done before Monday:  Topic / Thesis / Outline / Sources / Notes.    Students have Blue sheets with detailed directions and Bibliography Formats, and a yellow Self-Assessment / Rubric which they can use to guide their work.  (These are also on-line at Capstone Project)

WCG - 7:  See planner entry below

US Hist - 8:   Students brought home Field Trip Permission Forms today for a UMS School Day Concert at the Michigan Theater on April 17:
                      Oliver Mtukudzi and the Black Spirits: 

                      Please sign and return the form this coming week, with $8.50 - or whatever you can afford (mark the amount) - by cash, or check made out to "Jeff Gaynor"

                    8th Graders will start M-Step Testing after the break.   The Social Studies test will be given to my students from 8 - 9:30 on April 17, and in the afternoon of April 24.

WEEKLY PLANNER                -->Planner Archives<--
All entries are tentative and changeable.  See student planner for official and final entries.
Key to Codes used in Student Planner
     c - done in class                                    [F] - due on Friday   
      [c] start in class; finish for HW;             
          --> - Turn in                           

Underlined Text are links. 
Click for more information.

ELA - 7
WCG - 7
US Hist - 8

3rd Qtr ends 4/2
Spring Break
starts 4/2, 3 pm

lab - [4/2] --> Capstone Project - all
Down the Rabbit Hole: RJ: Ch 1-4
[4/13] Down the Rabbit Hole: Read Ch 5-7

[3/31]  Kermit's News
c - Europe History
c - Africa Mapping Lab
[3/30] Ch. 17 Quiz
[3/31]  Kermit's News

[4/1] Field Trip Permission
4th Qtr starts 4/13
April 24:  Grammar Test (Be ready)
North and South

   WCG - World Culture and Geography (7th Grade Social Studies)                                  GA - Geography Alive (7th grade textbook)      CP: Capstone Project   
- Current Events                                            HA
- History Alive:  The United States through Industrialism (8th grade textbook)      DP Decades Project
   BWL - Biweekly Word List                               RJ - Reading Journals                          6 T of W:  6 Traits of Writing   
   GRG - 
Guided Reading Group - Read Assigned pages, and respond to questions in Journal,  ready for deep discussion with the group.   
Down the Rabbit Hole by Peter Abrahams

   RW/RS->ARS - Return Work / Record Scores -> on Assignment Record Sheet:  Usually on Mondays

   MC - Media Center;        C Lab - Cougar Lab;        c lab - Cub Lab;    

Organizing Every Day After School:       
    L - LOOK at your Planner.                        Actually read what you wrote that day.
                                                                       Look ahead to future due dates - check monthly calendar page.
    M - MENTION stuff to your parents.        Papers for them to read or sign ... Help you need ... planning ahead.
    N - NOTE what you have to do.                Name the assignments - and estimate how long each one with take.  Look ahead too.
    O - ORGANIZE your binders.                  Put all papers in the proper sections, in the rings.
    P - PLAN the rest of your day.                  When will you do your homework?  What else will you do & when? 
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