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May 19, 2015:   Many thanks to Mr. Ely for stepping in while I was in Germany (a wonderful trip meeting or revisiting families of former exchange students we've hosted).

I have updated assignments for each class; please click on the links below (or above).

7th Grade ELA  - Also:  Coming Up - Mythology

7th Grade Social Studies: We are now working at a rapid pace as we finish the required chapters in Geography Alive.  As shown, there are four "quizzes" this week.  Students will be expected to read textbook chapters at home, and keep up with assignments.  Students have the option of memorizing and reciting part or all of the poem, Invictus (Students have a print copy). We are finishing Africa this week and beginning work on SW Asia and the Middle East.  Asia is next, soon, esp. India and China.

8th Grade Social Studies  Finishing The Civil War with Reconstruction (Ch. 23) next week.
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