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November 15, 2014:  We are well in to the 2nd quarter.  To be honest, we're all a little fatigued, and the upcoming Thanksgiving break will be very welcome.   Please check Power School to make sure assignments due a week ago have been turned in.  (Power School was down for 5 days, until Wednesday.)  There are quite a few "Missing - 0" marks already.  This week's turned in work form a stack a foot thick; I will be grading and posting scores all weekend.  (I know - my students have offered me a solution for this.)

I have updated all web pages through the next two weeks.  The Monday and Tuesday of Thanksgiving week I will be at the Capitol in Lansing with the Youth In Government Club, and trust my students will be productive and cooperative with the substitute teacher who will have complete lesson plans and authority.

7th Grade ELABWL V (more grammar) begins with a neatly copied list on Monday and, because of the Thanksgiving break - along with a great deal to learn - will run until Dec. 2 (a TWL).

Having written the rough draft of "X Redux" about gender roles, students will get a peer review, and then do revisions, with the final draft due next Friday.  We may create an anthology of these stories, pending class judgment as to whether they are worthy of publishing.

We continue with Guided Reading Groups;   Information on pages to be read, and questions to be answered should be in the student planner  is also on the Planner page.   During the week of Thanksgiving students should be finished reading their book, and we'll finish up the discussion the week after.

7th Grade Social Studies:  Chapter 8 in Geography Alive is about Immigration to the United States, which is also the focus of 3 of our Guided Reading Books in ELA.  Students are working on a partner activity in which they interview immigrants to understand why they left their home country (push factors) and why they came to the U.S. (pull factors).  Next is Ch. 7, on Consumption Patterns in the U. S.  (timed especially for Corporate Marketing season).  We'll look at factors involved with GDP - Gross Domestic Product, comparing several countries to see relative Standards of Living. 

8th Grade Social Studies:  The week after the D.C. trip, students were mentally pretty wiped out.   As this has been such a fabulous class, I gave them a pass, but we could not go as deep as we usually do with discussions or lessons.  I postponed the due date for the DC Virtual Tour worksheet - they should answer any 15 questions of their choosing - until this coming Friday.  Hopefully they remember that the 100+ Civics ?'s assignment - each question is worth 0.1 point, so there's not pressure to answer every one - is due on Monday.   Meanwhile we continue working on Ch. 9 - the U.S. Constitution (students have to memorize the Preamble for the quiz on Wednesday, and then continue on to Ch. 10 about the Bill of Rights.   We'll also be doing a couple of assignments about the Lame duck session of the Michigan Legislature, a follow up about our discussion of the Electoral College.  Students have an article about a proposal to change how electors are chosen.
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Words of Wisdom (Nov 17-21):
     Monday: "It hurteth not the tongue to give pleasant words."   -  John Heywood
     Tuesday: anonymous quote
   Thursday: Sophocles
(Extra Credit Challenge:  Listen to announcements; Each week write down the names of the people quoted.  Research and write one sentence about him or her.)   The Words of Wisdom are also in the Daily Announcements on the Clague Web Site.