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Sepember 1, 2015:   If you are a student in my class this year, please e-mail me and introduce yourself.  Also say which hour you have Social Studies.   Plus, suggest up to 3 questions I can ask students during the first week of school.  Answer at least one of them in your e-mail.    

Parents:  I'd love to hear from you as well.   Note that I will be sending out updates via Power School only this year.  Please check that your e-mail address is accurate and up to date. 
Curriculum Night is on September 17.

Supplies needed:  7th & 8th grade:  lined paper, preferably in the holes of a 3 ring binder;    7th grade:   a world atlas with both physical and political maps, and an index;   colored pencils.

Students:   Mlive
(The Ann Arbor News on-line) wants to know the best book you read this summer.   (Note: I am teaching only Social Studies this year - so I intend to encroach on all subjects.)
Fill out the form by Labor Day, at:
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Tell us about the favorite book you read this summer *      (Please limit your essay to fewer than 300 words)
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