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May 30, 2015:   Many thanks again to Mr. Ely for teaching on Friday.  He will also be in on June 11 and 12; these 3 absences are for medical procedures (I hope to show up on the 12th, if all goes well).   It's been quite a semester - being out on administrative leave, the week in Germany (my call), and now this.   This likely surpassed my total absences for my previous 16 years here at Clague.  I'm glad Mr. Ely - who says he loves these students - has made teaching them a priority.

I want to give credit to all of the students who have kept it together these last weeks of school.   As they have been told, they know the rules, so there's no reason not to.   Still, it's good to go out on a positive note.  Clague students work together and serve as a model for excellence.

I have updated assignments for each class; please click on the links.

7th Grade ELA  - Monday - last SRI test of Reading Comprehension - in the Cougar Lab;   BWL XII (Mythology) - basic assignment, story, and quiz will all be due, or done, on Thursday.

7th Grade Social Studies: Mon & Tues:  Ch. 30;    Wed. & Thur.:  Ch. 32;   Fri:  Common Assessment.

7th and 8th Grade --> Please return Social Studies TEXTBOOKS - ones that were checked out for use at home - on Thursday or Friday.

8th Grade Social Studies  Finishing Reconstruction this (Ch. 23)  week.   Fri:  Common Assessment.   Many students still need to do presentations.   
       (I trust the students that went to Chicago and Quebec will report what they learned - cultural and historical points, at least.)

IMPORTANT DATES... (Thanks to Mr. Carter):

June 1st Volunteer Appreciation 3:30- Media Center

June 2nd Talent show auditions 3-6

“It is the mission of the Clague Middle School Community to create a positive, safe success-oriented learning environment designed to meet the unique and challenging individual needs of all our students”

June 4th Submit your Calendar dates for (exams, FT’s, concerts) 2015-2016 / T.S Tech Rehearsal 3-5

June 4th 8th Grade Science Final June 4th

June 5th Social Studies 2nd Semester Final exam ("Common Assessment" technically)

June 8th Math Final/ T.S. Dress Rehearsal 3-5/ Obligations/Fines/ Detentions/Due

June 9th Math Final /T.S. Dress Rehearsal 3-5)

June 10th World Language Exams AM ( MC, Upper Gym, Cafeteria)/ Promotion Rehearsal during 8th grade advisory

June 10th (6) End of year FT Rolling Hills & (7) End of year Field Trip - Sugarbush Park / 10AM Promotion Practice- A/ 1:45 Basketball: Staff vs. 8th grade / Yearbook Deliveries

June 11th Talent Show 2nd & 3rd Hr./ 5k Fun Run PM/ (8) End of year Party @ EMU 6:30-10. / 4PM 8th Pro/Skyline

June 12th (8) Promotion Ceremony @ Skyline High School 9AM

June 12th 1⁄2 Day Last day of 2014-2015/ End of Marking Period Semester 2/ 1⁄2 Day

June 19th 4th Qtr 2nd semester grades mailed home

CLAWkly ---------------------

On an aside, you likely have heard of the unprecedented news about the teacher contract being terminated by the district as of June 30.   In order to provide relevant information, I refer you to the following resources.  (Note that the AAPS District site is moving to a new web server, and not all pages are fully accessible yet, notably the page: "Negotiations Update")

AAPS Home (with link to "Negotiations Update")

The Superintendent's Page:

The Board of Education Page: articles:
   May 28 - Union files w/ MERC
   May 28 - AAPS files w/ MERC
   May 29 - Board policies approved
        2011 MI lawsPA 100-103
A2SchoolsMuse: blog
   with links to contract, etc.

Support A2 Teachers: FB page
    created by AAPS teachers
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