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January 25, 2015:   I will be grading work through Tuesday in preparations for 2nd quarter final grades to be entered into Power School.   While it is past the final due date to turn in work (except for a couple cases in which I told students to report to me first thing Wednesday), I will make changes for mistakes I have made if notified before Thursday.  Keep on eye on Power School and notify me of any errors.

We start fresh for the 3rd quarter, beginning Wednesday.     Students should be thinning out their binders this week, only keeping papers needed for reference.

If you gain access to your child's 7th grade Social Studies Common Assessment scores, know they are not valid.   I had the students stop after #17, as we had not covered the chapters for the following questions.  However I was told by The Powers That Be that I must have students complete bubbling in answers for the remaining questions, and I complied.    These scores are not included in 2nd quarter grades.    

I do hope it was not deleterious for students to take time on the topics or chapters I chose to teach that were not in Pacing Guide:   Civics:   a key component of the Common Core and a weak performance area on MEAP tests;  Ch. 3 - Canada: a neighbor, and an example for parliamentary governments, an essential concept in World Culture and Geography;  and Ch. 10 - The Maya of Mesoamerica and their Adaptation to Modern Life: I wished to share what I learned during a month in Belize, including a home stay with a Maya family, as part of a Teacher Study Trip.

I will be adhering to all district policies, including catching up and staying in line with the prescribed curriculum.  I will not be assigning the planned 3rd quarter Travel Journal Project, though students who are interested may do it on their own time, and not for a grade.   To fully focus on my obligations, there will be less time for non-district prescribed lessons or activities.   

Please bookmark this page, as there will not be weekly e-mail notices.   I will continue to update links here.   As always I am glad to hear from you. 

WEEKLY PLANNER                -->Planner Archives<--
All entries are tentative and changeable.  See student planner for official and final entries.
Key to Codes used in Student Planner
     c - done in class                                    [F] - due on Friday   
      [c] start in class; finish for HW;             
          --> - Turn in                           

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Jan. 26-30
ELA - 7
WCG - 7
US Hist - 8
NO SCHOOL Teacher Professional Development

NO SCHOOL Teacher Work Day

3rd Quarter starts  c - BWL VIII - Vocabulary for ...
c - Ch. 12: Land Use Conflict c - HA Ch. 11:  Foreign Affairs...
Fun Night on Friday
 c - ... Mid Year Review  (Writing)
c - GA Ch. 12: ...  in the...
c - Ch. 11: ... in the Young Nation
2nd Qtr Grades home
 c - GRG - Novels in Verse  (Reading)
c -         ... Amazon Rainforest
c - DP: 2nd report due

GRG Books:     Home of the Brave    /    Out of the Dust    /    Make Lemonade 
   WCG - World Culture and Geography (7th Grade Social Studies)                                  GA - Geography Alive (7th grade textbook) 
CE - Current Events                                            HA - History Alive:  The United States through Industrialism (8th grade textbook)     DP Decades Project
   BWL - Biweekly Word List                               RJ - Reading Journals                          6 T of W:  6 Traits of Writing   
   GRG - 
Guided Reading Group - Read Assigned pages, and respond to questions in Journal,  ready for deep discussion with the group. 
                Home of the Brave;    Out of the Dust;    Make Lemonade                                   

- Return Work / Record Scores -> on Assignment Record Sheet:  Usually on Mondays
   MC - Media Center;        C Lab - Cougar Lab;        c lab - Cub Lab;    

Organizing Every Day After School:       
    L - LOOK at your Planner.                        Actually read what you wrote that day.
                                                                       Look ahead to future due dates - check monthly calendar page.
    M - MENTION stuff to your parents.        Papers for them to read or sign ... Help you need ... planning ahead.
    N - NOTE what you have to do.                Name the assignments - and estimate how long each one with take.  Look ahead too.
    O - ORGANIZE your binders.                  Put all papers in the proper sections, in the rings.
    P - PLAN the rest of your day.                  When will you do your homework?  What else will you do & when? 
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